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SGZN Counter-flow Dryer

SGZN Counter-flow Dryer

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SGZN Counter-flow Dryer SGZN Counter-flow Dryer
Used for reducing moisture and drying materials in the feed production process.

Counter-flow process is the refined technology of exposing product to an upward moving stream of ambient airflow.

HET counter-low dryer utilizes the first-in first-out principle, with a full separation of batches/layers. It is well suited for drying aquatic and other extruded feeds.

The hot airflow moves upwards and with the specially designed grid, is able to ensure that the material received a gentle and balanced drying process.

An easily controlled drying process, with adjustable drying time to suit different materials.

A sturdy design and vertical housing constructed from stainless steel our counter-flow dryer provides a contamination free drying process, with minimum variation in moisture content and good anti-corrosive properties.



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