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SGFJ Rota-shake Screener

SGFJ Rota-shake Screener

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SGFJ Rota-shake Screener SGFJ Rota-shake Screener SGFJ Rota-shake Screener
Used for for separating dry material according to particle size, providing accurate screening and separation.

Manufactured from stainless steel in order to keep a high level of sanitation necessary in the food processing industry.

Failsafe, rigid design with easy control and operation.

High efficiency achieved through the unique gyrating motion together with a large screening surface area.

Up to 3 decks available for dividing material into 3 different sizes, with screens of various specifications available for choice.

Pulley weight driving, Narrow V belt driving.

Convenient and quick cleaning and screen replacing mechanism.

Strict balancing test.

Maintains product integrity.


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