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SKLN Counter-flow Cooler

counter-flow Cooler

Used for cooling the hot pellets post pelleting.

Counter-flow process is the refined technology of exposing product to an upward moving stream of ambient airflow.

The cool air meets the hot pellet feed creating convection, effectively removing moisture from the pellets and reducing their temperature.

Stainless steel modern hexagonal structure provides stable and reliable operation.

The HET counter-flow cooler uses an unique grid arrangement to optimize cooling, and the installation of a hand-wheel reduces leftovers.

Adjustable rhombic spreader, resulting in even distribution of pellets.

Upper and lower level indicators.

Cooling case with toughened glass inspection window.

Rolling wheel supporting the movable grid, adjustable stationary grid.

Our counter-flow cooler has been specially designed with energy consumption reduction in mind, providing 25% energy savings when compared with some same coolers on the market.


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