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SFHG Raw Material Extruder

SGYL Pellet Mill

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SGYL Pellet Mill SGYL Pellet Mill SGYL Pellet Mill
Used for expanding raw materials, using the materials of soybean, corn and soybean meal. Also used in handling other materials such as rice bran, blood meal and oilseed treament.

Dry extruders are designed to run without moisture or prior conditioning of the raw materials.

Widely used for soybean, corn, low moisture highly expanded starch products, slaughtered animal waste, etc and is used in both food and feed industries.

Even extrusion with the implementation of an electromagnetic timing feeder.

Rapid high temperatures, the machine can kill various anti-nutrition genes and harmful bacteria.

Stainless steel construction with tungsten carbide screws providing durability and long product life.


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