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HL Ribbon Premixer

HL Ribbon Premixer

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HL Ribbon Premixer HL Ribbon Premixer HL Ribbon Premixer
Used in the mixing of premixes - various light and heavy products, with improved liquid atomizing and mixing effectiveness while preventing agglomeration.

Design features big "U" shaped, heavy steel plate, horizontal mixing chamber.

Double ribbon screw type rotor provides higher mixing uniformity.

Top spraying system (through pipe and nozzle).

Adjustable clearance between the rotor and the body along with pneumatic discharge reduces leftovers, provides high level of mechanization/automation and improves efficiency.

Specially-designed discharger has big door opening angle and quick pneumatic discharging resulting in less remainder.

Sealing device has good tightness, ensuring no product leakage.

Discharging controller with cylinder, connection rod, door-opening shaft, limiting switch.

The structure of the axial exhaust at both ends of the mixer results in less powder and dust.

High mixing speed and homogeneity.


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